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Client Success Stories

“I started seeing Neysa when my high anxiety level was wreaking havoc in my life.  When I began therapy, my average anxiety level was around an 8 (on a scale of 10).  I must admit that some of her methods seemed a bit odd to me after visiting multiple “traditional” therapists in the past with no positive changes.  I was particularly hesitant to try hypnosis, which really ended up speeding my transition to who I am today.  I am happy to report that my average anxiety level is down to a 2 out of 10 on a consistent basis.  I am now able to enjoy my life, have positive relationships and finally have self confidence.  I would highly recommend Neysa to anyone who is dealing with issues and is motivated to make positive changes in their lives.”


This refers to a custom Hypnosis MP3 I recorded for a client:

“Thank you so much! That recording is worth 10 enthusiastic recommendations!”


“Thinking of you and how much you have helped me.  This summer we were away three months in our trailer in the mountains by ourselves, visiting family and friends.  I have read over my notes numerous times and the first two sections of your EBook.  Some favorites are dialectical thinking and look for the paradox; also, improve the moment and find the humor.  Thanks!”


“I’ve been in therapy before, but never could cope that well.  Learning the philosophy and skills of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) has changed my life.  I handle things so much better now.” 


This is one of my favorite testimonials from a client with whom I conducted hypnosis:

“Ever since my 18th birthday when I had to get blood drawn to test for mono, I have had a fear of needles.  I passed out after getting my blood drawn in the hospital, fell into a door frame and hit my head.  I have been seeing Neysa for awhile now and we have recently been working on this ‘fear’ of mine. I have used coping statements, countdowns, breathing techniques, visualization etc., that Neysa has taught me for my PTSD and she assured me the same techniques would work in this case.

I had a medical procedure that left me in severe pain and the feeling that I was either going to pass out, throw up, or both.  We did hypnosis.  Next, I had to get a shot at the doctor’s office. Close to passing out.  I met with Neysa again. Finally, I had to get the shot.  This time I refused to have my throat close up, tunnel vision, my hearing impaired, cold sweats and dizziness.

I sat on the table and talked to the doctor about this shot I had to get, she said she would send a nurse in and to have a good day.  I waited for a while, but this was good because I had to prepare.  I started taking long deep breaths and visualized my place of serenity.  I told myself over and over again that ‘these shots were making me better,’ ‘this isn’t going to hurt,’ ‘you’re going to be fine,’ ‘I am not going to pass out.’

So, the nurse walked in and started jibber-jabbering about who knows what.  I told her not to tell me what she was doing, to just do it.  I started counting down and breathing and kind of wondering when she was going to breathe because she seriously would not stop talking.  I had to zone her out so I visualized the actual numbers as I was counting them down.  She went in for the shot, I kept breathing and counting, and then it was over.

I sat there for a few seconds waiting for the faint feeling to take me over and it never happened.  I waited a little longer.  Nothing.  She’s still talking.  I stop her and say, ‘I’m sorry, I have to interrupt you, I did not pass out.  This is a huge deal for me.  Ahh, this is amazing!’  She laughs and says, ‘No problem, glad I could help.’  I’m thinking, lady, you did absolutely nothing.  That was all me.”


“What can I say?  That you have been an unbelievable support, that working with you and learning with you allows me to see some issues clearly (often for the very first time), and that I am immensely grateful.  I just want to say: well folks, Neysa is great and this stuff works, it actually really does, it worked for me and it will work for you.”  


“Neysa Buckle has proven to be a tremendous resource for me in my quest to deal with chronic anxiety. 

When searching for a capable cognitive behavioral therapist, numerous therapists claimed to be versed in cognitive behavioral therapy, and possibly they had taken a course or two while in college, but Neysa is the only one I found in the Sarasota-Bradenton area who truly is superior in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. 

She has proven to be an oasis of calm and reason for me and, in the time I have been seeing her, she has helped me change my perspective on many things, particularly myself.  Neysa has tremendous insight, extensive training, and an intuition and intellect that I have found invaluable. 

When I think back on my first visit with her, after being seen at the Mayo Clinic, and told her all I had learned about the brain, she listened attentively and actively.  It was only over time that I came to realize that she not only knew all the information I thought I was sharing with her, but had a vast depth of knowledge and expertise far beyond what I could have hoped to find. 

I could not be happier that I found her and I could not possibly endorse her services with more confidence and enthusiasm.” 


“My sessions with Neysa have benefited me in many ways.  Therapy and hypnosis have made my life more meaningful and she has helped me out tremendously.”  


“Hypnosis helps me relax a lot and relieves my stress.  It really helps to have someone to talk to about my life.  Neysa provides support and helps me understand myself better.  She helps me get clear on my goals and stay focused.  Things just don’t bother me as much.”

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