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Some Back Story:

Having worked with thousands of clients over thousands of hours, I have come to a realization, and it’s probably not what you think.  So I wrote an EBook (en)titled Click2Zen:  Small Changes = Big Difference.

My career is the result of my long-held fascination with that instrument of mass destruction and / or mass creation, weighing in at about three pounds.  Truly the most amazing thing on this planet yet most people have no idea how to harness it to improve their lives.  Nor do they practice good care and feeding of their three pounds of wonder.

Some back-story is that when my brain initially grabbed my attention the result was undergraduate coursework in psychobiology involving brain classes, rat brain surgery and a psychology degree (1983).  Prior to that, the genesis of my brain fascination was an odd experience as a teenager:  the brain’s ability to influence a physical response without any existing physical or medical condition:  Paralysis!

Now there was a Mystery.  That sparked my interest in the mind / body connection and a graduate degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy (1985) with courses in behavioral medicine.

Because of my interests, the Mystery, and my subsequent education, my focus as a Behavior Analyst / Therapist is to optimize brain and body health through behavior change, which in turn improves lives.  One thing I learned is that most people just don’t know how much they can do to improve their lives.  In the past, mental health systems, psychiatry, big pharma(ceuticals) have all tended to pathologize people instead of focusing on what they do have control over.  Teaching people to access and build upon their inherent resources is empowering and improves lives.

In addition, there is too much attention to the real or perceived problem, deficit, discomfort and not enough attention to everything else that is also present and worthy of more focus and attention—that upon which you can build.  People often don’t know exactly how to be healthier in mind, body and relationships.  What is the next thing to do?  How to go from wanting to doing?  How do you not get stuck in paralysis (literally) by analysis? Each person is different yet we all have a brain wired by nature and nurture resulting in some remarkably similar thinking and behavior.

Learning to use your brain differently by building upon a healthier perspective or paradigm, shifts you from maladaptive thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to some new ideas and possibilities.  Doing something different also changes the brain. Thus, I’ve written about some key concepts of ‘Zen Behavior Therapy’ applied to recurring client themes, using my own experiences and those of others as examples.  Many clients have benefited from these strategies applied to ‘Your-Life-as-the Lab’.

Many people are searching for that magic formula for ‘success’ usually perceived to be financial or material.  The reality is that being at peace with your own brain is the best definition of success.   -Neysa

Readers’ Feedback:

“Neysa writes with clarity and wisdom.  When I read her ebook, I recognized the contents to be true, yet I needed to have her explain things for me to “see” them.  There are no extraneous words or thoughts; every topic has substance and relevance.  I actually printed it out so I could underline the portions that resonated with me, and there is quite a bit of underlining!  Thank you, Neysa, for creating this book.” -Lisa

“This e-book changed my life! I was on a journey that was not beneficial to myself or to my family.  Reading this book and even rereading several passages gave me insights and confirmations on what I needed to do or to continue to do to move in the right directions.  Now I have a close healthy relationship with my son and the book is a consistent reminder of why that is.” -Cheryl

“…Trying to be more adaptable and resilient has been a great lesson.  In fact, I have read the “adaptable” portion of your book three times now and am absorbing it.  It feels good.” -Rob

“This e-book will change lives. Neysa’s education and experience in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy will give more people hope that there is a good life out there waiting to be discovered.” -Sarah

“All too often we stop short of reaching our full potential as a result of fear, doubt or self-judgment.  Neysa provides insight and easy tips, tools and techniques to overcome life’s obstacles and live life in the healthiest, happiest way possible!” -Stephanie

Click2Zen Table of Contents

Be Adaptable 

‘Failure’ is Just Valuable Information 

The Blame Game 

Who Isn’t Sensitized to Something? 


Tell Your Brain 

Dialectical Thinking 

The Pharmacy 

Mindfulness is the Newest Old Thing 

Global and Permanent or Situational and Specific 

Living in Your Head 

What Role Have You Been Cast Into? 

Your Life is the Lab 


Waiting to Be Happy 

Doing What Works 

Relationships:  Talking It to Death 

Relationships:  I vs You 

Relationships:  Stop Talking and Listen 

Relationships:  Be Appreciative 

Relationships:  Agreements 

Fighting for Your Life

Choose Your Level

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