Personal and Relationship Coaching

Some people “sleepwalk” through life.  Finding themselves thinking, behaving, and emotionally reacting in “automatic” ways that are learned consciously and unconsciously.  Typically functioning well, these clients seek self-awareness —a better understanding of themselves, their lives, and their potential.  Or, there is some issue, decision, or life event that creates the need for gaining another perspective.  For many, the impetus to seek coaching can stem from a current challenge or the realization that something is missing and previous efforts have not created the desired results. 

Coaching incorporates all of the expertise and clinical experience a therapist acquires through education and years of face-to-face therapy.  However, in coaching the focus shifts from ‘healing’ to facilitating and creating the life you want.  Allowing you to reach your full potential.  Instead of ‘recovering from the past’ coaching focuses on improving your now and proactively creating your future.  What is the next step you can take?  What are the barriers—perceived or real?  How can you build upon what is working? Is your behavior congruent with your goals? 

As a Behavior Coach, I work with high-functioning, successful adults to help them convert life challenges into opportunities to learn and grow.  By focusing on achievement, exploring newly created options, and identifying potential barriers, coaching allows clients to reach for more in life.  Importantly, coaching is about doing something else to create the life you want—with the help of an experienced guide.  My training and experience (of 30 years) as a Behavior Analyst uniquely lends itself to identifying patterns, their origins, and how they’re maintained.  Thus providing valuable information on what to do differently to achieve the results you want. 

The field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has many very useful applications to human behavior.  Derived from the scientific study of behavior, it’s the “brass tacks” of my clinical training.  Having a solid behavioral background is an excellent springboard into other more eclectic approaches to helping people create, grow, and change in ways that are more authentic to the self.  Incorporating Eastern philosophies and dialectical thinking allow shifts in perspective that can be very freeing.       

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